Why choose photovoltaic power?

We take care of everything
Guaranteed for 10 years
Installation prices on the decrease
Direct electricity savings
Improved energy performance

For more than 10 years,
we have given of our best.

Jany Gofflot has more experience of the photovoltaic industry than any other company.

Jany Gofflot offers quality products and services

Our status as a family business with reasonable growth has always enabled us to make long-term plans for our customers.

Meet our team

The concrete financial benefits

Free, sustainable electricity

Investing in a photovoltaic installation means
producing free, green electricity

Your neighbour is already enjoying the benefits of our installations

Meet them, and our other 3000 customers.

Strong points of the Jany Gofflot company

Our guarantees

Parts and labour
guaranteed for 10 years

Performance of panels
guaranteed for 25 years

Our applications to monitor your installation

Fast, reliable after-sales service / troubleshooting

We take prompt action
on all installations


And above all...

We are a
local, stable family business

How do we workwith you?

Initial visit:

We pay you a visit to assess the technical feasibility of the installation.


Study of consumption to estimate the size of your installation.


A detailed offer is promptly sent to you.

Study and certificates

If the project concerns an industrial facility, we request a detailed ORES study and reservation of green certificates.


Once the offer is validated, work commences. Time taken: 1 to 3 days.

Receipt of installation

by approved organisations & connection request


of the installation and full warranty for 10 years.